so…this breaks my heart

ok…tonight I was at home…enjoying my friday night, my mom comes home and my dog, Lex, always gets soo excited when any of us get home. He runs around the house for a while and then he’s calm:) He’s adorable, I think:)..He’s crazy, but has “big love”, as I always say, with people. He is  almost 3 years old, he’s a pit/lab mix. Sweetest dog you will meet:)

Mom came home tonight and he was running around as usual. She was about to give him a treat when we saw blood all over the floor…to any non-dog lover, you are probably bored by now, but for those of you that are, you know how awful it is when your dog is hurt! Not like you cat lovers:) ha j/k  He must’ve gotten something in the pad of his paw, cause it split. Poor little goober didn’t even feel it thankfully, but we wrapped it up in a bandage and he hasn’t even tried to bite it off! Of course he has gotten way too many treats as it is, but I just thought he was too cute to not take a few shots of him:) He always lets me shoot him, no problem:)

So, just in case you were bored tonight and wanted to hear about my dog and see pics…ha here ya go!! I love him to pieces!

~ by denisebensonphotography on September 10, 2010.

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