A new journey

I had the privilege of shooting James and Kelli’s maternity pictures a few weeks back. Luckily we made it just in time as they had their sweet baby boy, Jarrett only days later!!

The whole vision behind this shoot, had to do with travel. James and Kelli have traveled many places around the world, that being one of their favorite things to do together, and have had many adventures. I wanted to incorporate that into the shoot, however, being first time parents this is a new journey, a new adventure in their life that they will be taking together. There may not be famous restaurants, historical sites to see, mountain ranges or rivers, but instead bright eyes and smiles, small resemblances of you or your spouse, baby powder, bedtime songs and stories, a world of plastic, brightly colored toys, walls, cards and computers filled to the brim with photos and videos, cheers and big rounds of applause for the first time crawling and then the tremblingly legs trying to stand and walk. Not an easy adventure whatsoever, but absolutely worth the ride.

Bless you James, Kelli and baby Jarrett in your new journey, may this be an adventure like none other!
Thanks to Kerry for an excellent job assisting me.  Thanks also to Jerry with Georgia Trolley Services in Lawrenceville for allowing me to take some fun images on their beautiful trolley! Check them out if you want to work with great people and ride on a lovely trolley. 🙂

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~ by denisebensonphotography on August 13, 2012.

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