Another sneak peak

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Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend!!! Just wanted to give you a sneak peak from Chad and Michelle’s shoot. Enjoy and their will be more to come!!! 🙂Image



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I shared a few images a couple weeks back from a shoot of my nephew. But I have been incredibly excited to share more from the shoot! What a joy he has been to me and my whole family but especially to my sister and brother-in-law. I cannot believe how much he has grown up in this first year of his life and he continues to grab more of my heart every single day.

My favorite kind of photography is raw, realistic and everyday. I absolutely LOVE to capture moments that would happen whether I was shooting or not. I love experiencing the true moments, the real love and shooting the insignificant details that make up the people we love. This is what rips my heart out, This is what brings tears to my eyes and This is what I strive to continue to do and convey to others with my photography. I hope you get a sense of this in this shoot and see the pure love that is there between a father, a mother and their son.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by- and don’t forget the details of your own life. Breath them in with your eyes and never forget to tell others what they mean to you. Happy Monday!

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New life

•May 1, 2012 • 2 Comments

You may remember me saying I would have these images up a week ago, however it is crazy how much can happen in a weeks time. My grandmother was taken to the hospital last week, long story short, she ended up having surgery and is thankfully doing fine. Then I was supposed to go to Raleigh last weekend with my family to see my Aunt and Uncle and we got the flu. Whew!!! It’s been a crazy time and needless to say the pictures were not able to get up until, today…obviously. 🙂

With that all being said I want to introduce you to the lovely couple, Zack and Audrey, also dear friends of mine. I was honored and blessed to get to capture this special moment in both of their lives. I wanted the images to be full of warmth, to show the love between the two of them, but to also have bright and saturated colors of spring to represent new life; the new life to come of their little girl and their new life ahead for them as a family. I hope that comes across in the images. We also just had a wonderful time and shared many laughs!

Also a shout out to my wonderful assistant, Jeremy- could not have done it without you-Thanks so much!

I hope you enjoy the enjoy the images as much as I did getting to shoot them and a big Congratulations goes out to Audrey and Zack for having a beautiful baby girl last week! Welcome Tensley!!!

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Sneak Peak

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Here is just a quick sneak peak from a shoot I did yesterday. More to come soon, I can’t WAIT to show you all the rest!!! What a delight to shoot this family!:)ImageImageImageImage

Phil Wickham

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A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of shooting a concert or rather a night of worship at my church, 12 Stone. Phil Wickham is a phenomenal artist and I was introduced to his music years ago now and have been blessed by it ever since.

I was asked to shoot for this and what an amazing experience it was! Even though I was not in the audience myself, it is so cool to be able to still worship while shooting. Capturing moments of Phil’s leadership, the smiles, the clapping, the joy, the singing but mainly the heart of worship that was brought through Phil and the entire church. How cool to get to be apart of something like that and be on another side of it!

Hope you enjoy the images and if you do not know any of Phil Wickham’s music, I highly recommend you checking it out right now. Enjoy this beautiful day!!!




Tennessee, I love thee

•December 16, 2011 • 1 Comment

Well, this took muuuuch longer than I had anticipated to put up, I apologize. I put up a poll on facebook to see what images YOU all wanted today…and the smokey mtns in TN was the highest vote:) But between starbucks with the fam and driving around to see christmas lights annnnnd watching the brilliant “Muppets Christmas Carol” I am quite behind in getting these up for today…err yesterday now. 😦

This is from a trip I took with my family at the beginning of November. We went to Townsend, TN and stayed in an amazing cabin. It was basically one of my favorite vacations I’ve ever had…seriously. I want to put up some images of the family at some point but for tonight I decided to just stick with the theme of TN and where we were. 🙂 I hope you enjoy and also there are a couple images of an old church….can anyone guess what it’s from????? 🙂

Have a wonderful night and thanks again for participating in “YOU PICK DAY”…maybe I’ll have this come around again. ha

ok..going to bed now……………………..

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crisp….crisp apples….crispy apples in a pie….Apple Crisp Pie!!!

•December 10, 2011 • 2 Comments

As you can see I’m a little behind in putting up some pictures from around Thanksgiving, but I had so much fun shooting these images. My sister, and I were hanging out together and she was going to make my grandparents’ recipe, “Apple Crisp Pie” and I wanted to capture it. I love details and I LOVE shooting them!! So I thought I would have a little fun getting some images of the process. I can’t even tell you how amazing this pie smelled when we got it out of the oven. Thank you to Mom and Pop for such an amazing recipe, for my sweet sister and her baking skills and for apple crisp pie:) ha Wish I could give you all a slice..but that pie was inhaled by family and friends…next time 🙂

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